Dear Bennington Township resident,

As your trustees, we discovered that Bennington Township levy funding (which is used to provide us all with fire and EMS services) was being used without prudent fiscal management by our fire/EMS partner, Hartford Township. Our goal is always to keep township residents safe while prudently spending the levy dollars approved for fire/EMS.

In the interest of providing the best effective coverage for our residents, we’ve made a temporary agreement with a different neighboring provider – Homer Fire District. Those public safety professionals are providing round the clock fire/EMS service for Bennington Township residents. We’re also working with Monroe Township and Homer Fire District to establish a permanent partnership. Until Homer Fire District has 24/7 coverage, we will also continue with Hartford Fire Department to make sure Bennington Township residents are protected around the clock during the transition period. We made this decision to bring you the best EMS and fire response times and to safeguard the financial security of our township.

Here’s the bottom line: you and your family will continue to be protected by fire/EMS service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please know that we do not question the service or dedication of the firefighters and emergency medical personnel who’ve been serving our township. They’re good people.

In late 2022, we developed financial concerns about the Bennington Township levy funds that were being sent to Hartford Township to pay for fire/EMS coverage. We worked tirelessly to find solutions. But sadly, our board noticed a rapid deterioration in the financial security of the partnership last week, when we were told employees could not be paid after mid-January – despite the fact Bennington Township had already paid for fire/EMS protection through March 2024.

To financially safeguard our township and the coverage for our residents, we were forced to move quickly. That’s why we made the decision to switch providers. Because we don’t want any gap in coverage, we’ve passed a resolution to provide Hartford Township $20,000 to keep the protection going through January 28. This money will come from the funds we’ve already accrued for fire/EMS services, so there will be no additional cost for residents.

Homer Fire District will be having an open house for any Bennington Township residents who would like a tour on February 18th from 2-4 pm.

We work to do what’s best for you. Please reach out with any questions!

Bennington Township Trustees
Cindy Powell (614) 439-1317, Lee Hatfield (614) 623-6912, Carl Day (808) 203-4543