Rules and Regulations

Bennington Township Cemetery Rules & Regulations


Purpose:  Bennington Township Cemeteries are operated by the Trustees of Bennington Township.  Within the township this includes Lock & Bennington Cemeteries. Hall & Appleton Cemeteries are inactive.


Fees:  Lots must be paid for prior to burials.  A current list of fees for the purchase of burial sites and the charge for various services offered is available by contacting the Trustees or Fiscal Officer.


When you purchase a burial plot or grave, you are purchasing the right to be buried (interred) there, not the actual ground.  Only 1 vault & 1 cremation or 2 cremations per space is allowed. 


Trustees are the only ones that have the right to purchase the spaces, for the actual purchased amount, if the family does not want them.  If the person(s) who purchased are no longer living and the siblings are left with them, all sibling have to agree to sell them back. 


Stones sizes:

2 spaces (husband & wife) sharing the same stone:  cannot be larger than 3 ft. high (36 inches) by (42 inches) wide, with a base of 48 inches.

1 space (single burial) 3 ft. high (36 inches) by 2 ft. wide (24 inches) with a base of 30 inches; foot markers must be flush with ground.


Foundations for monuments must be installed by authorized personal  prior to installing stone.  Please contact Richard Piper, phone 740-967-0771, to install foundation.


For the safety of our personnel and those visiting the cemetery, any type of glass or wired down containers are not permitted.  No new planting of shrubs or roses.


All flowers live or artificial and mulch to be within 10” of monuments.


All winter decorations to be removed by April 1st, all summer decorations to be removed by November 1st.


Trustees will not accept responsibility for theft or damage to any item placed on burial spaces.


The cemetery personnel have sole responsibility for the care and maintenance of the Cemetery grounds.


We welcome your visits within the cemetery from 8:00 a.m. to dusk each day, but:

No excessive noise and no alcoholic beverages permitted.  No recreational riding of bicycles or motorcycles is permitted.  

Speed limit in all areas of the cemetery is 5 MPH.  Automobiles are permitted on designated roadways only.  Please do no park off the roadway


Include cemetery deeds in your will.   

Richard Piper – Foundation installment & prices 740-967-0771