Bennington Township was settled in1809 and organized in 1815 and had 2 villages Appleton and Lock. The Township had 9 one-room schoolhouses in the 1800's and 1 high school that closed in 1938, in The Village of Appleton.


An 8th-grade school was built at the edge of Appleton teaching children from Bennington and Liberty Townships, transferring to Johnstown-Monroe for their remaining high school.

Bennington Township Cemetery

In 1960 Northridge High School was built consisting of students attending Alexandria, Hartford and Homer High Schools. These schools then became 8th-grade schools and transferred the students to Northridge High School.


The township remains to be an agriculture township with beans, corn, and hay the main crops. Also, chickens, beef & dairy cows, horses, pigs and sheep being raised. 4-H remains strong for the children taking their different projects to the Hartford Fair in Croton, Ohio.